11 Alternatives to IDA Pro Disassembler

IDA Pro is the gold standard for disassemblers. However, IDA Pro licenses start at $1,129, so it can be extremely cost prohibitive for many. Thankfully there have been some solid alternatives that have sprouted up over the years. Here’s a list of 11 alternative disassemblers to IDA Pro that will still get the job done while keeping some extra money in your pocket.

1. Hopper

Hopper Disassembler

Hopper is a reverse engineering tool for OS X and Linux, that lets you disassemble, and decompile your 32/64bits Intel Mac, Linux, Windows and iOS executables!

2. x64dbg


x64dbg is an open-source x64/x32 debugger for Windows.

3. Visual DuxDebugger

Visual DuxDebugger

Visual DuxDebugger is a 64-bit debugger disassembler for Windows, especially useful when the source code is unavailable.

4. Immunity Debugger

Immunity Debugger

Immunity Debugger is a branch of OllyDbg v1.10, with built-in support for Python scripting and much more.

5. PE Explorer Disassembler

PE Explorer Disassembler

The PE Explorer Disassembler is designed to be easy to use compared with other disassemblers. To that end, some of the functionality found in other products has been left out in order to keep the process simple and fast. While as powerful as the more expensive, dedicated disassemblers, PE Explorer focuses on ease of use, clarity and navigation.

6. Hiew


Hiew is a great disassembler designed for hackers, as the name suggests. It supports three modes – Text, Hexadecimal and Decode (Dis-assembly) mode.

7. Radare2


Radare2 is an open source tool to disassemble, debug, analyze and manipulate binary files.

It actually supports many architectures (x86{16,32,64}, Dalvik, avr, ARM, java, PowerPC, Sparc, MIPS) and several binary formats (pe{32,64}, [fat]mach0{32,64}, ELF{32,64}, dex and Java classes), apart from support for filesystem images and many more features.

It runs on the command line, but it has a graphical interface in PyGTK called Bokken that has support for some of its features already.

8. ODA (Online Disassembler)

ODA (Online Disassembler)

The Online Disassembler is a free web-based, reverse engineering platform that supports over 60 architectures and object file formats from all the major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and mobile platforms.

9. Panopticon


Panopticon is a disassembler that understands the semantics of opcodes. This way it’s able to help the user by discovering and displaying invariants that would have to be discovered “by hand” in traditional disassemblers. This allows an interactive search through the space of all possible program executions.

10. Bokken


Bokken is a GUI for the Radare project so it offers almost all the same features that Radare has and and some of the Radare’s ones. It’s intended to be a basic disassembler, mainly, to analyze malware and vulnerabilities.

11. Binary Ninja

Binary Ninja

Binary Ninja is the newcomer of this list. Right now, it is in private beta is able to run on OS X, Linux and Windows. If you want a taste of Binary Ninja you can try out their python prototype until the full release of the tool sometime in the future.

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