100+ Awesome Swift Playgrounds For Learning The Swift Programming Language

Swift, Apple’s new programming language, is rapidly gaining popularity among new and advanced programmers alike. And one of the best ways to learn Swift is through Playgrounds in Xcode.

What Are Swift Playgrounds?

Swift Playgrounds are a environment that allows programmers to try out snippets of code and immediately see the results displayed.

You can create a new Swift Playground by going to File -> New -> Playground. An environment will open and you’ll see the code editor on the left side and a console on the right side where the output is displayed.

Due to the popularity of learning Swift through Playgrounds, Apple is developing an app that’ll allow you to learn and tinker with Swift on an iPad, so you’ll no longer be limited to Xcode. It’s currently in beta and will be released with iOS 10’s final release.

This curated list of 100+ awesome Swift Playgrounds is a great way to learn the Swift programming language and get exposure to different facets of the language.

If you spot any broken links or know of any more Swift Playgrounds that you think should be added to the list, please let me know in the comments section.


Learning Swift

Some interesting playgrounds to learn Swift

Learning Swift: Advanced Topics

Advanced topics, useful once you have mastered the basics of the language

Design Patterns

Protocol Oriented Programming

Functional Reactive Programming

Apple’s Playgrounds

Playgrounds from Apple, usually presented at some WWDC

Playgrounds about Playgrounds

Playgrounds that describe what you can do with playgrounds

Algorithms and Data Structures

Algorithms and data structures implemented in Swift

UIKit And Graphics

A list of playgrounds that demostrate various aspect of UIKit and other graphical frameworks

Core Image


  • METAL Playground – Apple Metal framework playground.
  • Metalbrot – Interactive playground that draws the Mandelbrot fractal with Metal.




Sounds and music

  • Bach Playground – A Simple Swift Playground that plays a brief piece by Bach with AVAudioEngine and AVMIDIPlayer.
  • PlayerNode Playground – Playground using AVAudioEngine with a playernode and effects to play an audio file.


Live math with playgrounds


Library tutorials, in a playground

Playground Sets

Sets of playgrounds about various topics


What doesn’t fit anywhere else, but still awesome

  • Turtle Playground – A playground with Logo-like commands.
  • Game Boards – Chess, checkers, tic-tac-toe, sudoku and many others in playground.
  • Swift Brainfuck – Brainfuck interpreter written in Swift using Playground.
  • Icon Creator – Create app icons on Swift playground.
  • StarWars Seals – Emblems from Star Wars in Swift playgrounds via CoreGraphics and UIViews
  • SwiftFiles – Save, Load and Delete files easily from within a Swift playground.
  • Register VM – A register-based VM in a Swift playground.
  • Earth photos – A slideshow of Earth photos taken by DSCOVR/EPIC.
  • 2048 Playground – The 2048 game implemented with a playground.

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